Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hunted by Deadly Aliens

Ten alien children and their guardians are rocketed from their planet moments before it is destroyed by an invading army. Their destination is Earth. Their mission is to "hide in plain sight" and be safe: they represent the last of their kind. They are protected by a charm that dictates that the young people can only be killed in order. The alien destroyers are on Earth, seeking out the children. Numbers one through three have been killed. This is the story of Number Four.

John Smith (Number Four) and his guardian Henri arrive in Paradise Ohio and John sets out to fit in at high school. But the local bully is making that hard. Befriended by a beautiful girl and a geek obsessed with alien abductions, John grows to love his new town. Will he need to pull up stakes and run, as he has so many times before? Or will he stand and fight for his life?

This book reads like a movie. And, indeed, the movie is coming out in February and I, for one, can't wait. The writing is a little clunky (for example, "embarrassingness" instead of "embarrassment")but you quickly care for the main characters and the plot is non-stop action. Part of a projected 6 part series!

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